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MDC Bowhunter Education Patch

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I passed MDC's Bowhunter Education class this weekend, and I received this patch as a result.

Pretty slick lookin', if I must say so myself...

(the black background is my keyboard)

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Congrats on earning the patch and taking the time to take the course guys!!!

When is the next course that you know of and where?

Do you know of any to be coming up close to Jefferson City?
Sounds like a good class Chairman. I've seen information about the class and said I would be interested in taking it, but never heard anything after that.
I've heard there's gonna be another class at Bois D'Arc (?), soon ~ but I can't confirm. If interested, get with Landlover, 'cause he seems to know the particulars...

I've searched & searched MDC's website for more info, but just can't find any... :roll2:
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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