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MDC Bowhunter Education Patch

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I passed MDC's Bowhunter Education class this weekend, and I received this patch as a result.

Pretty slick lookin', if I must say so myself...

(the black background is my keyboard)

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Originally posted by rat

How was the class Rick.. worth it I imagine?
Oh yeah ~ especially since I know hardly anything about bows, except for crossbows.

I'd like to sit thru it again sometime, just so I could be a little more relaxed, instead of trying to cram every morsel of information into 10 hours.

I have much to learn.

BTW ~ if you'd like to see the workbook we get with the class, I can bring it to the Deer Classic.
Originally posted by Mailman

Give us a rundown on the basic class topics. Would it benefit and old geezer like me?
There were plenty of experienced bowhunters on hand, so the room was filled with a wealth of knowledge & experience. The class was full to capacity, with plenty of local & long distance Missouri residents, plus out-of-state bowhunters. Most were my age group (forty-something), which is consistent with the average age of Missouri hunters.

There was so much to learn/teach, we kept breaks to a minimum. I'd be typing all night, if I'd try to touch on everything we discussed, so I'll do it this way: I'll name all the chapters in the workbook (but by no means was it limited to these topics).

The title of the workbook is:

Today's Bowhunter ~ The Responsible Bowhunter's Guide

1) Introduction to Bowhunting

2) Wildlife Conservation

3) Safe & Responsible Bowhunting

4) Know Your Bow & Arrow

5) Preparation Before The Hunt

6) Use Of Elevated Stands & Other Bowhunting Techniques

7) Shot Placement & Recovery Techniques

8) Outdoor Preparedness

We also had some outdoor exercises to perform:

Estimating Distances ~ Shoot / Don't Shoot ~ Blood Trailing

PLUS: Since I was in no position to go down the rough trails, for the distance & shoot/don't shoot course, they set me up with my own personal course throughout the parking lot.

I learned a lot, and had a great time all the same... :banana:
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Originally posted by fireman_3311

Cool patch....I guess they didn't have those back when I took the class...
How long ago did you take the class?

I never even knew there was a bowhunter education class, until I saw the notice in our local paper, earlier this year...
Two days...a total of 10 hours

Friday: 6pm-10pm

Saturday: 8am-2pm
Originally posted by Landlover

I would also be interested in taking the instructors class, someday.
For those who wanted to take the instructor class, they had to stay until 6pm today ~ an additional 4 hours, on top of the first 10 hours of class.
That's what a couple of 3-D teams did, this weekend.

I think they had a lil' too much fun Friday night, 'cause they were late for class Saturday morning... :D

BTW ~ FREE donuts, both mornings! :banana:
I've heard there's gonna be another class at Bois D'Arc (?), soon ~ but I can't confirm. If interested, get with Landlover, 'cause he seems to know the particulars...

I've searched & searched MDC's website for more info, but just can't find any... :roll2:
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