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  1. looking to see if anyone here has utilized whatever program MDC has for building new ponds. i have a couple areas in mind on our property that, if dammed up, would make some nice ponds. but only looking at doing one for now. ive never dealt with building a pond at all so i really dont know where to start. im sure there would have to be tests done to determine if the areas would even hold water, i know my neighbor involved MDC when he had his pond built but i dont know details. does MDC even do some type of cost share deal for building ponds? any ideas(ballpark amount) what it could cost out of pocket? it would be in the middle of mature timber with the next nearest water source being the creek at the front of the property, just guessing, 300 yards away- or more. any info from anyone who has experience/ dealt with this before is appreciated.
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    10 years ago I got MDC and NRCS cost share on wildlife watering facilities, (small ponds) Total cost was $300-600. I think NRCS still has EQIP funds for wildlife practices,signup ongoing with ranking periods every year or maybe twice a year. I would check soon.

    MDC call your local Private Land Contact.

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    These are not fishing ponds just watering facilities for wildlife. Probably 3-5' of water. I don't know of any costshare for fishing size ponds. I think cost share was 75% with a maximum of $300-400. It's been awhile.
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    In Clark Co the federal government will help on fishing ponds, I think it's 75% up to 8000, something like that. The wait is long. I'm on the list and hope to make it in about 5 years. I've been on the list for 2 years. Another thing is they build it where they think it will help with erosion and collect water adequately. It may not be where you want it. Don't know about the MDC programs.
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    A few years ago I got $500 from MDC for putting in a watering hole. I don’t think they would call it a pond. It’s 60’ in diameter and 3’ deep in the spring. Barely off the top of a ridge. They won’t put it in a drainage.

    PLC came out, helped pick a spot, I rented a bobcat for $350, and in 2 hours was ready for water and had an extra $150.
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