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  1. I was down at the surplus and take-backs store on Monday, they had one of the Masterbuilt 30" smokers for sale, not the digital kind, the old-fashioned job with a dial thermometer in the door. I am a sucker for a bargain, even if I don't need one I am tempted. By Tuesday morning I had convinced myself that I needed it so I paid the $80 and took it home. Since then I bought some mesquite chips and dry rub and have been cleaning out the freezers. I am having a ball with this thing, pork steaks and ribs are great!! If you find a bargain on an electric smoker don't pass it up.
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    it is quite easy to out cook your stomach.

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    I like mine. It's super convenient especially for longer smokes with large hunks of meat.
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    I have an old Brinkman electric with no thermometer at all and it works great. I just drop the probe of a digital inside the smoke holes and it works fine. Only thing is I wish I could set the temp. Cooks faster in summer and slower in winter but its so easy to use.
  5. Yes, you can out cook your stomach!! But that is what a freezer is for, take the meat out, smoke it and put it back in until you need it. I have done some ribs and a pork butt cut into steaks and they are great. The next time I am near Holcomb I will get some of that Strawberry's rub, everybody likes their smoked meat. It will have to stop raining down here before any more smoking will happen tho, Holcomb is probably flooded. I used some rub I got at Academy Sports(Fiesta), it was good and not very expensive.

    I need to get a better thermometer too, one of those probe jobs like RB has. I have a couple of the kind you leave in the meat until done but you have to open the door to read them, that will let the smoke and heat out.

    If you have not tried meat smoking with a decent electric smoker give it a try. I should have years ago, my old round charcoal smoker was a hassle so I did not use it much.
  6. I don't have a smartphone, but I like the concept. Big chunks of meat needs to have the internal temp checked to see if it is done without opening the door. It is either one of these wireless jobs or one with a probe and wire. I will check around and use my old-fashioned kind until I get something.

    Update---I was at Wally World, they have Taylor remote probe thermometers for $14.99, I got one. It is not the Bluetooth type, it just has a probe with about three feet of wire that plugs into the outside gizmo. It is digital with big numbers, you can also set what internal temp you want to get to and it will sound an alarm when it gets there. Not as good an item as Cummuns recommended, but should work like RB's does, which is a lot better then then having to open the door all the time. Thanks for the info guys.
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  7. And as luck would have it, a local grocery store is selling bags of Royal Oak Mesquite chips two for a dollar. They say they have 179 cu. in. in a bag, each bag weighs about two pounds. I bought a bunch for myself and sons who smoke meat. I wonder how long mesquite will keep, it is wood after all, it should keep a long time inside a house. Is this a good deal??
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    You can get better bark with those electric units if you do not put water in the water pan. Only time I use water is when smoking a summer sausage or a whole turkey. And with the turkey only water for first half of the cook, then dry heat to crisp the skin.
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    I am considering adding the slow/cold smoker add on to my MES. It just does not seem to run the heat cycle enough to consistently smolder the chips. Maybe using it in direct sun on blacktop in the hot summer is part of the problem.
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  10. Thanks Meller, I will do that, I do like turkey skin!
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    found a good way to burn my Cabelas bucks, bought the slow smoker add on for the Masterbuilt electric. Works great, and supplies a steady stream of smoke, just like I needed.
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    Is that like a cold smoking apparatus? I just bought a smoke generator/smoke tube and learned how to cold smoke cheese and it turned out great.
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    I got one of these, it looks like a mini-me next to the original smoker.

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    It's pretty darn accurate, when comparing to a known good thermometer. I don't know how far exactly you can get away from the base since I've never tested it but it seems to have a good range.
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    yeah I got one of those this spring,like it a lot.