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I have a Field and Stream Editor wanting to contact you guys.

He saw your deer camp photos, and would like to talk with you. All I am doing is trying to locate you and then you can call or email him directly.

Below is the information he viewed on the internet.

If anyone knows these guys tell them about this.

Not sure what all he would like to talk about. But he loves the picture.

These are the guys of "Malden Camp".They are L-R - Uncle Buck, Yard Dog, Boo, Bad Hank, Charley. We have a homemade 16x24' deer house we stay in during gun season. Deer camp 2001

We hunt in Wayne county Mo

Interesting... Thanks Horntagger.........

BTW... where ya been hidding. Miss ya postings on here. Visit us more often and don't forget the pics......... :cheers::cheers:
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