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make the call #4

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You're sitting in a ground blind with birds sounding off in 2 different directions. One flies into the field but heads away from the blind gobbleing the whole time. Bird #2 goes quiet.
Should you...

Stick it out in the blind and hope Bird #2 is coming in silent or
pick up and try to catch up to bird #1 ?
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yeah if hes going away hard to turn him and more than likey not going to he him off
50-50 chance number two might be coming in
Stay put..I have had almost everyone the scenarios happen to me.
Originally posted by Keith
Stay put..I have had almost everyone the scenarios happen to me.
Thats why I wanted to post these Keith, so us Rooks can learn sumpin...
Stay there a while & listen and look if you her them both gobble that will let you know what to do next. One thing for sure is sitting is always a safe bet.
i stay put as well
I'd be sitting and watching very carefully for a good while...
Sounds like the quiet gobbler is coming in...:sniper:
I'd stay put awhile. Bird number one is either in pursuit of a hot hen, is wise to you, or just wants to be somewhere else. There's a good chance bird number 2 might be coming in or even a third bird you never heard. Sit it out a bit.
Give it some time and if nothing happens try a new call. I ve had birds going away from me with one call answering and just not coming in. then switch calls on them and they come right in. And always remember its much easier to ruin a hunt by calling to much than not enough. In this situation with this gobbler going away your gonna want to call more agressive. But that sometimes is the worst thing to do. If a gobbler starts going away from me i call less and less agresive and it works alot. Most of the time these birds down here get so much pressure if you call to much the shut up and i mean quick. When in dought wait it out!!

If I have a bow or am taking a kid or very inexperienced hunter out, I stay in the blind. If I'm on my own, with a shotgun, I get the heck out of the blind so I can hear better which way the birds are going and try to get in front.

Hopefully I go to where I know the birds will be in another hour from scouting the area. ;)
Originally posted by r2ahunter
I'd stay put for a good while
Same here. Never know, the silent bird may be makin his way to ya:wave:
I think he should play 2 more years!...........There is only one #4!:hysterical:
Stay put. That #2 bird will be there eventually. The dominance has probably been established between those two birds and #2 is probably going to unknowingly get with some turkey loads.
Originally posted by Snowman
I think he should play 2 more years!...........There is only one #4!:hysterical:
Yo Snowman..... Lou Gehrig died along time ago....

Cheese heads.....:moon:
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