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Lucky Guy

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This was my sons first ever compound bow hunt. He has been practicing all summer and early fall and with my schedule we finally found time to get out this weekend. I got him set up before daylight in my honey hole on this farm. Guarantee to see at least does. But good rut spot for bucks cruising.

He text me at 715am to tell me does were south of him and then around 730 he said a 7 pt busted him trying to draw. At 740, he text me he shot and thinks he hit a bigger buck. I get down and started heading his way. I told him to stay put. I have to admit, I was a little uncertain of what I would find out or see from his shot. He didn't seem to positive on the shot. He said he was 50/50 on whether he hit it or not.

After he got down, we found a bloody arrow, 16 yard shot, with good blood immediately. The deer had snuck in behind him (the picture shows the fence row and pond he was sitting by) We tracked about 30 yards and he said, there he is. I guess by the time he could turn around and look out to the field the deer was already down. He was piled up dead, 9 pt. I was pretty proud dad and he was a pretty pumped up 14 year old. After observing the deer and finding a hole in its neck, he hit the wind pipe, carotid artery and deer didn't have a chance. I asked him where he was aiming, and he said heart. LOL I guess we all have missed our spot, but he misses his spot and probably kills it quicker.

He wants to hydro dip euro mount it like his moms and younger brothers riffle kill from 2 years ago. So, October 20th is probably the earliest I have had to start saving money for any type of mount. But it will be worth it to have it on his wall for a lifetime.

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That’s awesome. Luck is better than skill most of the time.
Pics aren't working
I see them on my end. If I am doing something wrong, let me know how to fix it!
Congrats on the buck, I can see pictures of a grinning proud 14 year old just fine
Anyone using the app? They are just red X's for some reason. I'll check from the computer later. Congrats regardless!
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Cool!!!!!!! nice shot. :woot:
Good deal!
Don't use the app, @Wibb
Very nice, congrats to that young man! :tup:
Love it. That’s one heck of a first bow kill.
That is awesome!!! More than likely hooked for life!!!
Tell Jack The Ripper Congratulations!!!
Anyone using the app? They are just red X's for some reason. I'll check from the computer later. Congrats regardless!
Whenever I use the app I occasionally see the red x's. Click on upper right and chose web view and the pics are normally visible then.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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