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  1. Well I jus got back from my out of state trip and while I had a great trip it also had a downturn. I know that each year there are alot of "I can't find my deer" threads and now I am included in that category. While I have lost a deer or two in the past it has been years since I had been in this situation. Long story short I had the opportunity to harvest the biggest buck of my life and a possible booner at that and I ended it with a less than perfect shot. I had spent the last 2 days searchin and retracking w/ no luck. I feel that the shot was fatal but the hit was high and slightly quartering to me. My shot was at 25yds. I was 23ft. high. The shot entered all the way up to the fletchings w/ a 100gr. 2 blade Rage right on the back of the front shoulder and about 3'' from the top of the back. No exit hole so trailin was very tough. We finally lost blood after about 200yds and about 50 possible ways he could have traveled. He was headed towards some VERY THICK! stuff. I am hopin that the landowner and the 2 hunters hunting on the neighboring piece will spot buzzards during the warm weather this week or possible crows. All the neighbors are aware and are gonna be on the lookout for me. I have never been so sick about anything as I am this. I would have much rather missed him than been in this situation.
  2. Sorry timmy! That sucks man.

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    Keep your chin up brother!!! You're on of the best hunters I know, it's tough but we all know it happens!!!!:cheers::wave:
  4. Thanks guys!!! I have replayed the shot and chain of events over and over. The blood started off really red but towards the last 60-80yds of tracking became pretty dark. Dark blood to me means a liver shot but not sure what to make of it. I know he had alot of bleeding inside to do and the blood had a lot of hair to soak/drip thru on a high shot to even leave a blood trail. Besides the shot being framed in my mind forever the hunt was amazing.

    He passed my BIL a couple ridges over chasing a doe and brought her right by me without stoppin and out of sight. About a minute later a nice 8pt. came up the same trail lookin for the action. I decided to call at him to see if he'd come my way for a closer look. After a couple grunts I hear crunching in the leaves coming once again. It was him again!!! He came over to the 8pt. and squared off. I gave a couple grunts with no response out of either of them. I then gave a snort/wheeze w/ my mouth and he was on his way!!! Everything was perfect except for me not letting him get on past me and hittin him w/ a quartering away shot! I let him have it in the first opening I had but felt confident in the shot. Only concern I had was it was high but being 23ft. high I really wasn't too overly concerned about the entry. I feel if I would have had an exit hole things would have been different. I know he is dead and I just hope we can recover him. I am headed back next weekend during our gun opener to look again.
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    Get your head up if you bowhunt long enough it is one of those things that you cant avoid, it happens to the best of us!
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    Keep your head up*** sorry i cant type
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    [rquote=1884090&tid=131238&author=FiremanBrad]Keep your chin up brother!!! You're on of the best hunters I know, it's tough but we all know it happens!!!!:cheers::wave:[/rquote]
    X2 Timmy... it happens.
    Not very often to have a chance to personally know someone who is as successful as you are and I'm glad to have met ya. :wave:
    If YOU say he was a goodn, its definately so.
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    Crap you dont need another monster anyway, just kidding Tim hope you recover the antlers anyway
  9. Thank you all!! I am amped up to get back out there next weekend and do some lookin. I'm keepin the faith:)
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    Sorry to hear that, it is not a good feeling, I lost a pretty nice one last week and it is a real bummer.
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    That really sucks man but I am in the same boat. I actually just posted a thread right before I read this asking for help in the Smithville area. I thought about going out tonight and listening for the yotes to see if they would lead me to him.