looking at some new bows let me know what you guys think.

Discussion in 'Archery Hunting' started by Chad, Feb 25, 2006.

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    A few of us last weekend at the Marshall shoot had the pleasure of meeting Doug Huntchinson, the guy that designs the Ross bows. Doug also won the shoot in the Mens Release division. One thing I noticed about his setup is he did not use a stabilizer of any kind on his bow. I must say I was real impressed with this piece of equipment. And when I have the $$$ to drop on a new bow, these will be on the top of the list:cheers:

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  2. That is the direction im leaning too. They seem to be really good people. They gave away 250 hats over on AT . And they are really nice hats. They seem like really good people. Im not sure but i am almost positive the ross bows are made here in missouri. They are distributed from here i think. But i think im gonna be a ross man but i love my parkers and i have heard great things about the concept bows also. Ol Tink Nathan that started the tinks scent company is over on AT alot and he really talks them up. I ve got some concept catalogs on the way but im pretty well leaning toward the ross.

    thanks guys and keepem coming.

  3. On yeah Mo what was he shooting at the shoot? I figure the 337 but just wondering.

    thanks chad
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    My next bow, (soon) will be a Ross CR337. No doubt about it. :cheers:
  5. I really cant handle a bow that long. I got used to my ultra lite 31 and now i dont like this 34 inch bow so im gonna go back to a 31 or 32 inch bow.
    Just as long as it aint one of those stupid Mathews.

  6. Yeah Rocko he was shooting the 337 at the shoot.

    Not only was Doug a very friendly guy who was willing to answer any ?? one might have, but to hear him explain the concept and design behind the bows and why and how it performs was amazing to me.