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Thinking very serious about trying longbow. I shoot instinctive with compound. Have taken many many deer since early 70s. Would like challenge of longbow. What do you guys recommend don't want to spend fortune just want to try. I am in my 70s so need something I can hadle
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A recurve would suit a tree stand much better than a true longbow, first.
After that, I got nuthin!
Are you really wanting a longbow or a recurve? I'm 71 and shoot a 55 lb. Black Widow longbow with no problem. I also am currently shooting a Osage Orange selfbow I made myself. It draws 58 lbs at 27 inches. Just don't over bow yourself. A 45 lb recurve or longbow is plenty for deer hunting. Where are you located?
A 40 lb bow is plenty. Don't overbow yourself... and will enjoy it a lot more, practice more, and connect more. Bows are very personal. Just make sure it fits you and feels good in hand. Most trad bows aren't cheap. I would look on Bowsite classifieds, archerysite, tradgang, and 3rivers archery to start.
There are some darn good hybrid (reflex/deflex) longbows on the market that will rival the speed and fpe of recurves... and are quiet and short, compared to traditional long bows.
If I were stuck on a longbow, I would definitely look for one. Lots of used ones on the market if you look around.
Thanks guys. Yes was looking to stay in the 45'50 lb. Range. Agree not cheap . Really depends on how my elbow and fingers hold up this year. Have always shot 3 fingers under instinctive. Had problems with elbow few years back had to switch to crossbow for awhile. Shot compound quite a bit early last yest then had what I thought was arthritis in my fingers. That went away after a while and back to shooting compound at 50lbs. No issues so far.
Always liked a recurve so may try that again. My first bow back in 1970 was a Bear Kodiak Magnum. Darn thing was so short it really stacked up causing finger pinch.
Those K-Mags are bad to stack! You draw them back only so far and then it's like you hit a wall.

I'm normally a longbow guy but I had Mike Dunnaway, at Wild Horse Creek Bows, make me this 54" recurve for my Ocellated turkey hunt coming up next February. It is a dream to shoot! It's 53# @ 28" and it draws smooth as butter. I can't say enough good things about Mike and his bows. A class act all the way!

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