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LONG LIVE TALL TINES! (picture heavy)

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:whiteflag: We never even caught a glimpse of the big boy this year. I have not gotten a daytime picture of him since August.

I SURE hope he sticks around and turns into a bruiser this coming year so we can go out in hopes of chasing a true trophy buck.

This is the most pictures I've ever got of what I consider a really nice buck. I've got about 5 videos and over 100 pictures. Its been fun watching him. I've got to give a lot of credit to my Scout Guard cameras for working well throughout the summer and fall too.

I'm going to get my cameras back out in the next week or so to see if I can find him post-gun season. I've never had any luck getting pictures of bucks late in the year though. I don't know what to look for besides a pile of golden nuggets, and we're still planning on hunting some at this point.


[file]81039[/file] [file]81041[/file] [file]81043[/file] [file]81045[/file] [file]81047[/file] [file]81049[/file] [file]81051[/file] [file]81053[/file]
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cool,can you imagine how many bucks that has been saved by the corn this year.there should be monsters every where next year:cheers:
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