Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Wide Top **SOLD**

Discussion in 'For Sale Archives' started by MCK9, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. MCK9

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    I have a used made in USA Lone Wolf Wide Sit and Climb top for sale. It is in good shape cushion on back where tree strap is attached is ripping out. It still functions fine. Asking $125 FTF or Pony. I can ship also if needed we can work that out.

    [file]145841[/file] [file]145842[/file]

  2. MCK9

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    In my garage with the new top. I told my wife I needed a new cushion soon. Well she ordered me the whole new top so selling the old one, don't need two.
  3. MCK9

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    Don't know. Most people buy the wide as a replacement for the hand top or regular sit top. Thought someone might be interested in it for that at a reduced price.
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