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    Jun 11, 2003
    She was caught with Drug Paraphernalia fined $400. Family Services gave us her Daughter but didn't follow through with Court. Girlfriend took Granddaughter and went to Washington State.

    Came back here was caught with her Mom both had Warrants on them. She goes to Court fines are kicked up to $800 plus $450 for Jail time.

    She told the Judge she had $400 and a Job. She lied on the Job and got the $400 from State money to take care of Granddaughter. Judge turned her lose. She paid another $100 out of State Money for our Granddaughter. Judge says well your trying to pay we will have you keep coming to court until all this is paid.

    She is on Meth and they are Cooking it across the road. Son don't have Granddaughter because Courts don't take kids away from the Mother. And Meth Heads are not in Jail because there is no room in the Jails.


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    How did I get quoted when Gakic said that?

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    Fines too :D
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    Oct 25, 2013
    How do you think "they" are getting money if neither of them work???? Tell your son when he finally grows up and gets his own place he can invite who, what he wants over anytime. And that new adventure finding a new place to live would start TODAY! BTW Check the pawn shops...for your mag-light.... who's supporting the granddaughter??? Meth dealers? Not the safest environment on many levels for in guessing a toddler? How old is she?
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    Jun 11, 2003
    Ok had a long page wrote but break it down. I told my wife today I was going to run them off my wife said they will be gone soon as their Income Tax Refund came in and she was going to put a stop to them coming in the house.

    Son is married to another woman that is nowhere around. Won't get a divorce because he don't want to marry any of the other women he is around but his wife isn't any different.

    Our Son don't like living here because there is LEO's all around here all the time. Makes him nervous. He had his own place but he put his former girlfriends name on it and she ran him off.

    Oh our Son talked us into buying this place and yes it is nice. But he said he would be closer to help us out if we lived here.


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    Dec 14, 2015
    I'm not sure what you mean. I read through this entire thread too. Do you have a URL I can review? That would help. Click the number of the post. That will get you a popup and copy and paste the HTML in the post response box.
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    Tell him to get his butt in gear and get some firewood stacked for the winter.

    I'm thinking those kids don't have a chance....
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    Jun 11, 2003
    Funny one time we was cutting Firewood. Cut me a Load then cut him a Load. Was going to cut enough for both us the Winter.

    We cut each 3 Loads and he was done. Last Winter he kept coming to my place getting his Firewood.

    Before he kept going on and on how I cut Firewood all year long. I told him I don't cut when snow is on. Right now I have two Winters worth for me.


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