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Let's see 'um...

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Since I brought up .22-250s and .223s, and the whole AR thing is so popular right now, along with talk about .17 HMRs, let's see those targets! I will start it...

Rem 700, .22-250 = 55 hornady V-Max backed by H-380, 5 shots, 100 yards. Yes, I said FIVE...

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Here ya go....it's the best I can do. I wanted to play but don't have an pics of paper kills.

Remington 7mm Mag
Winchester 150 gr powerpoint
120 Yards
1 shot

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[Edited on 12-19-2009 by archer66]

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[rquote=1516893&tid=105757&author=macon county boy]I WISH I WOULD HAVE SAVED TARGETS FROM MY COYOTE 22-250 3SHOTS AT 200 1/2 INCH IT WAS SWEET SHOOTER BUT I SOLD IT[/rquote]

A friend of mine had a .220 swift...not sure what brand...that he claimed he could hit a dime at 200 yards with on the FIRST try. Well a bet was made and about 6 of us headed to the gun range a few days later. Well a target was placed at 200 with a dime taped to it. He blocked the gun in good with sandbags, settled in and drilled that dime on the first time...as advertised. By the end of that "shootfest" two other guys who had never seen that rifle before had hit a dime with it as well...not on their first try but still I was impressed with that rifle.
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