Landon's first season success!!

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    Got up at six and I am not sure how much sleep Landon got but I was awake at 4. Guess I was just as excited as he was for the hunt? Myself, Landon, and his dad got in the blind for the morning hunt. Bumped one going in but other than that no deer seen. It was rather funny cause as the time passed, on that short morning hunt, Landon's standards seemed to drop. It started out as only gonna shoot a big buck, to any buck, to, ok any deer I see.

    We went back to the house about 9ish to get some breakfast and chill a bit. Then back out about 11 for a mid day sit. This time his younger brother was along. We all piled into a blind I had near a bottom plot. Got settled in, and about 15 minutes later Landon spotted 2 does at the far edge of the plot. He had the gun up FAST and you could see he was ready to shoot. The fever HIT! The deer moved through rather fast, so I thought maybe there was a buck around, but nothing. 30 minutes later I looked up and spoted a buck angleing to the timber to our North. The same spot those does were. Now mind you this deer is about 120 yards away and this is where I find out Landon watched TOOOO many hunting shows. I barely got the word "Buck" out of my mouth and he had the gun up and let out a LOUD "MAHHHHH". :eek::rof2::rof2:Trying to hold my laughter back I told him NO NO NO. He is too far away for that and it wasn't a good shot angle. The buck kinda hung there in the tall weed edge, and he was DIEING to take a shot. But it was just too far for comfort. I calmed him down and told him that buck will prolly cruise up in the timber to our north and from what I have seen over the years, he will possibly end up in our laps.

    Well about 2 minutes later, sure enough, that buck was cruising North of us. Now I don't have any of the windows on this side open. The buck went past and angled in on the back side of our blind. We got Landon spun around and I had to open a window for him. This involved velcro and zippers. By this time the buck was right next to us about 30 yards away. I tried opening the window via the slow route. The buck stopped and looked our direction. CRAP. Well he settled down and got back to his nose on the ground and started cruising again. I went all in, Ripped the velcro fast and unzipped the window. He got his gun out the window the buck was about 70 yards away at this point. Landon let out 2 more mah's, WAY better time for it. The bucked stopped and he dropped the hammer!!! He said I GOT HIM I GOT HIM. The buck took off and ran out of our sight. I was not sure how the deer was hit cause we could not see out the window. He said he saw him do the donkey kick. Well we got up to where he had shot him and I finally found blood. We all gathered up at the spot and put landon in the lead. It was loads of fun guiding him through that track. He was in such a hurry so it was hard keeping him on point, and not rushing through it. He tracked him about 80 yards and found him. It was a great blood trail and shot. He took out both lungs. Never seen the results of a 25-06 but after that it I am a fan !!

    All of us were excited. It was a great experience and glad we had his dad and lil brother along to share it with him. Landon wasn't that happy with having his lil bro along. But as they grow older he will appreciate sharing that moment with him. Cole the youngest already said he is ready to hunt, and Landon without skipping a beat said, "I got dibs on the same spot we hunted!!" HAHAHA


    One my favorite pics. The Guide and the hunter. :claphands:

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    a great time was had:cheers:

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    AWESOME Mid-day BUCK CONGRATS :cheers:
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    Very nice, congrats to the young hunter.:2thumbsup:

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    That is a great story. I love the fact that you took him close to noon. That should keep him wanting to hunt that time period for the rest of his life. Congrats to all that helped make it happen. :claphands::claphands::eek:::eek:::eek::
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    Congrats to all, great story and deer:2thumbsup:
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    Here and There
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    I'm glad you featured my trigger stick in the photo!!

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    Congrats Landon:trophy:

    And, way to go Nate.:cheers:

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    What a great story!! And a great buck to go along with it! Nice job young man! :claphands:
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    Way to go Landon!!!:claphands:

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    Way to get-er done Landon:claphands::claphands:
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    in hiding
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    Good job!:claphands::claphands:

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