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What are your plans each month to achieve your land managment objectives? For example:
Jan- Timber mgt, edge feathering
Feb- Planning food plots, ordering seed
Mar- Fertilize oaks, refresh mineral licks
Apr- Spray areas for new plots, put lime down
May- plant new plots, fertilze plots
June- cut back WSG and clover plots. Spray herbicide on plots
July- Too hot for much of anything except.....::wink4:
Aug- prepare for fall plots, spray areas for new plots, put lime down, clear trails to stands, clear shooting lanes, refesh licks
Sept- plant fall plots, fertilze plots
Oct- Hunt
Nov- Hunt
Dec- Timber mgt

I would like to know what everyone else works on and the best time of the year to do it.

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Jan-chainsawing (timber management, getting rid of those pesky limbs that were in my way during rifle season)from the end of birdseason
Feb-TSI ,removing hedge especially for posts, opening woods
March-Fertilizing clover,alfalfa
April-plant sunflowers, spray some roundup, turkey hunt
May-fertilize workup annual plots, plant other annuals, mow clover
June-cut bail alfalfa, second cutting
August-mow a couple of rows of sunflowers per week to draw in the doves
September- dove hunt, hang archery stands
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