Knight MK-85 @ the Dinger Farm

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    Well, I just could not stand it any longer - I really wanted to go shoot this new MK. I could not get it done last week as I had to run over to Kennewick to baby sit and act as shuttle driver for one of the grand daughters. Both girls had AAU basketball games in different direction at about the same time. It was fun to watch the middle grand daughter play. Late Saturday afternoon I returned to Moscow with the sole purpose of shooting the MK on Sunday.

    Sunday arrived, but so did the fog and rain - I could not even see across the road in front of the house. I waited and waited for the sun to burn it off, finally at 3 in the afternoon it lifted. I grabbed the MK and headed to the farm.

    Got to the farm about 3:30 and the light was really bad. I did not realize how bad until I tried to look through the open sights. I had even painted the bead of the front sight white but it was difficult to see and more difficult when I tried to drop it on the target. But, I was there so I was going to shoot.

    Set the target out in the field @ 75 yards, popped 3 caps - dry patched the bore and thought let the shooting begin. I had already decided that I was going to shoot the Lehigh 50 cal sabotless first. These bullets are 270 grains and are a very snug fit in the bore. These same bullets had shot very well from my White, but I still had some concerns. This is really a good looking bullet and should be great for both deer and elk. It is still a work in progress as changes still need to be made to make it a more universal bullet. It is my feeling that it fits very well in this MK, you can see the engravings on the bullet.


    I had also decided to shoot T7-3f in the gun as I need to use the powder and it ignites so weel with a percusssion cap even below freezing. 90 grains thrown on site was the load. but, by the time I got everything set up and ready to take that first shot the light was really bad + plus my eyes a crappy anyway. It was very difficult to get all lined up.

    Here are some pictures of the newly aquired MK... it is really nice...


    But you know what... I have now decided the MK is a better shooter than I thought and certainly better than I. I also decided I am putting fiber optics. I have ordered a rear mount Williams peep sight that i think will really help me.

    I also did take some .504 Bull Shops' and run them across a file to knurl them. The knurling really helped I have no concerns about the lead staying on the powder now, so that gives me another option. The last two shots of the last daylight were with the Bull Shops. 90 grains T7-3f, with .125x.510 shot card between the powder and the bullet. Looks like they will work just fine also.


    Next project is to get the sights changed head to the farm again and get it all dialed in for late ML season, well if I do not shoot a buck here in the next few weeks....