Kilt a few and some pics.

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    Shot the first one with my .223 in the pasture this morning.

    Went deer hunting tonight with the 30-30 hand cannon IMG_2042[1].JPG IMG_2062[1].JPG IMG_2047[1].JPG didn't see any deer but two 'yotes showed up mousing along a water way. Shot the first one at about 60 yards and by a miracle got a shot at the second one somewhere around 200 yards and actually hit it. The shot knocked it flat but after a couple of minutes it got up running, tripping and tumbling across the field covered in blood into a grassy water way. I'm hoping that's where I find him in the morning.

    Checked trail cams today and got these cat pics which is good because I just set a live trap for cats in there two days ago.
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    Where's our gold star hander outer ?
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    flatlander_ Really? Show me. .

    Well I went and looked for the second coyote I shot but but couldn't find him. Found some blood for a ways but then it dried up.

    He was hurt pretty bad after being hit with that 160 grain 30-30. I have a hard time believing he'll live but they are tough buggers so maybe.
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    The last one I caught before leaving for Florida had a through and through bullet hole scar in it's neck. I can't believe it didn't hit spine, jugular, or artery. Had to be a .22 or something not very disruptive...
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    Have a cousin that shot one with a 7mm. He tracked a lot of blood for a forty, and found a handful of actual guts twice, and blood all the way. It had held up in an old half rotted down hog house. He tracked it to the ol entry by blood. He peaked in and it was laying on it's hips, but up on it's front legs, with a pile of guts laying beside it. It growled at him and about half made an attempt to come at him. The second 7mm round finished it. Yes they can be very tough, but I would say a 30-30 with about any contact would end up fatal.