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:confused: I don't know where all of this is headed, but it seems that everyone is wanting to get on board with the compact design of trail cameras, the 8 AA style.

We see this around here commonly in Scout Guard cams and Bushnell Trophy cams. Another one that has been around a while that I don't see used on this site are Covert II. Scout Guard and Covert II have been around a while, and obviously Bushnell is bigger business that is local.

This is pretty new stuff, so I don't know where its going to go. But, it is the holiday season, I just want to throw this out there so potential buyers can keep up on the latest.

I think this first link is the most important read, as we tend to keep a close eye on Chasing Game.com around here. EVERYONE......DO WHAT YOU WANT, SPEND YOUR MONEY WHERE YOU WANT. I JUST WANT YOU TO BE AWARE. :cheers:

Things like this, when it all comes out to be legit, will help keep trail camera prices where they should be. But, its the customer service part that I'm wondering about at this point.





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