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So far 8 hunters have hunted 8 days and killed 13 strutters in our camp. Several adults that are on this site have already posted up their pics but here are mine and several of the kid's. I've taken the last 3 days off but have a new crew arriving in town tomorrow for the shotgun opener. Goal is 20 birds this year. I'll update as we kill more.
Hunting Turkey Wild turkey Phasianidae Reptile
Plant Plant community Vertebrate Tree Natural landscape
Plant Hat Wild turkey Reptile Tree
Military camouflage Sky Plant People in nature Black-and-white
Plant Automotive tire Tire Smile Wood
Sky Cloud Plant Military camouflage Wild turkey
Sky Cloud Plant Military camouflage Wild turkey
Plant Plant community Hunting Military camouflage Tree
Nature Bird Organism Phasianidae Terrestrial animal
Plant Camouflage Hunting Military camouflage Sky

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Nice work....
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