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kansas pheasant hunt

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even though it seems this will not be here for long thought i would post a few pics from out hunt.
we had a heck of a good time
the frist day there was 13 of us and we got 43 birds
the second day 3 of us and we got 9 birds. for a total of 52 in two days.
we seen tons and tons of birds should have limited both days but the shooting was hard it was hot and dry and birds were not holding very well.
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the above pic is the old man on the left, my cousin in the center and a good hunting pal on the right.

here is a pic of some of the group we hunted with the frist day you can see behind them just how pretty kansas is :cool3:
here is a pic of some deer that looked as they had been running for about a year
a little closer look at the tired deer
keeping the fuild level up
one of the real workers stoping for a drink and a snack

not the old man the dog sparkie
here is the wonder that is kansas
last one
it was tough seen tons and tons of birds but we have alot of good connections with alot of farmers out there. i bet honestly we saw over 500 birds easy but like mentioned the weather sucked mid to high 50's and dry dry dry even with dogs they were having a tough time finding scent and most of the birds were gone long before you could get in range even with blockers we got alot of birds but it was one of the toughest hunts i have had.
1 - 9 of 24 Posts
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