Kansas? Ohio? Lets talks about it...

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  1. for entertainment value, Im thinking about trying to do an OOS archery hunt in the coming years. Probably not 2018, but definitely in the next three years. My thoughts are...

    Kansas- I am familiar with their public hunting areas and procedures, not so much the draw system of how hard it is to get drawn. I am most familiar with Units 7,8,9 and this is where I would try to draw. Anyone have any experience with trying to draw? Especially in these units...
    Its a 1 buck state
    Ohio- I had a buddy that went there this year with some work acquaintances and killed a 140" 8 point the first sit. He is what I would consider above an above average bow hunter. But there has to be something to it. Also, the tags are $125 over the counter which is a big deal and also a 1 buck state. Anyone have any E here? Ive only been there once to visit a chick in college and all I could think about the whole drive as soon as I crossed the Ohio/Indiana Line was WOW! Looked awesome.

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    I'd do Ohio, saw some real eye poppers driving across Ohio the last two Augusts. If you can lock up a primo spot to go, that's where I'd head long before KS.

    Plus, pretty much try to stay away from Kansas as much as possible anyway. :D

  3. I was born in KS, my parents took me out of some of the best turkey and deer hunting in the world and I still hold a grudge. I can be in a tree in KS in 3-4 hours and I am familiar with about 5-6 counties where I turkey hunted for about 10 years. Is the only reason why I am leaning there. Ohio is a long drive, but I know it is/can be awesome. I know nothing about their public land access. Personally, I am not going to go the route of leasing or anything like that. I want change of scenery.
  4. When I go do that I will do it right and spend a chunk of change. I could swing it but if Im going to do it I want to save up and do it right. Probably 10-15 years from that.
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    SO...... If you want a change of scenery, then it sounds like you have an answer, as you have already seen Kansas a lot.... :wave1:
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    Youre missin out man... I couldnt imagine only going elk hunting 2 or 3 times for the rest if my life. Id quit deer hunting in a second if I was given a choice between the 2...
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    Sep 4, 2012
    Don’t dismiss a cheap DIY elk hunt. You may have to hunt harder and not kill as big of bull but man what an experience.
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    I have hunted neither of those two states, but Ohio would be my choice if all things were equal???
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    You hold a grudge? My great grandparents sold 300 acres of farmland in Fort Scott KS the year I was born. I wish I could of talked them out of that ;)
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    Just knowing DWGH from what hes written on MWT I can already tell that he would become ate up with elk. I may do a guided hunt sometime, but I love diy.

    But back to your original question.... Both are probably great, but I wouldnt worry about drawing in ks. Either one would be great to take off to during Mo rifle.
  11. Funny that you already that's when I would go! HA
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    If you are planning to deer hunt the area of Kansas you used to turkey hunt ,, it gets the he!! Hunted out of the public areas . I have hunted that area twice and it was heavily hunted both during archery and firearms.
  13. Im sure you are talking about Axtell area. It was great turkey hunting first few years out then got pounded. I wondered that. Looks like I’ll head west. Been that direction a few times also.
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    How about Indiana?no idea on their regulations or public ground. Have heard good things since they went to the one buck rule..
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    Elk hunting and age are not the best combo....get after those elk sooner than later. The decent tags are getting harder to draw each year, when you decide to go in 10 years a nice tag may take another 10 years to draw.
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  16. henry

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    That whole area . We we're bow hunting that and a little further west one year ( trying to) . There was a group of hunters from Wisconsin . There were 3 pickups and they had a 16' car trailer loaded with stands. They hung almost all of them. There were hunters from Michigan and Ohio and Arkansas ,,,,,,. Like you we just kept moving West. I guess there have been a few of the states record book bucks killed in that area . That along with quite a few wihas and it attracts alot of us out of staters.
  17. Doesn’t surprise me one bit with the record book bucks. Just hunting in the spring gave me the itch for o come back someday with a deer tag. Seems I’m no the only one that had that thought. The further west you go there is naturally less trees/cover. Might have o get honk outside the box some.
    That probably where isolated pieces would get less pressure. But I’d venture to say if you find that gem and park it you might punch a tag.
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    If you decide on KS I'd be willing to swap a KS bowhunt for a MO rifle or muzzy hunt. Depending on when you decide to do it I should have nice lodging on site if I can get my arse in gear. I'm in unit 10 though.
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    Jan 1, 2013
    Don't waste your time, it's on a downhill slide fast.