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    Dec 13, 2005
    Hate to keep talking recipes, but how does everyone like to make their jerky?

    It is superbowl sunday, so food kinda fits eh?
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    Feb 2, 2005
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    I like to "make" it disappear.

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    I have a great recipe. Buy the high Mountain dry jerky seasoning. Either grind up the meat or slice it, season as the instructions say so, and don't be afraid to season it alittle more than they say because it will turn out better. It looks like to much seasoning but alot of it is cure that your putting on. After it marinates for a day or two put it in a smoker and smoke it for 2 hours at 90 degrees 1 hour at 120 degrees and one hour at 185 degrees and it's done. Any other questions just ask. You can buy a smoker if you don't have one or i have make them from a refigerator and you can do about 30 pounds at a time. I just build a new one this year and i can do 100 pounds at a time.
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    Jan 21, 2004
    OK, maybe not Superbowl Sunday, but Independence Day is coming up so...

    Lately I almost always use ground deer meat, jerky shooter and dehydrator. As far as seasonings; worchestershire, soy, liquid smoke, black pepper, brown sugar, garlic salt, onion salt, lowreys or uncle bill's seasoning salt, sometimes Tony Cacerey's cajun spice. Can't remember any other ingredients but I probably missed something.
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    Nov 8, 2006
    Well i dont know if i can give it out or not! But i guess i will. I always thin slice it up as thin as you can cut it without using a meat slicer. Mix in soy sauce, teryiaki, some brown sugar. just a touch of bbq sauce and just a taste of mustard, some worchestire sauce, some liquid smoke. Salt and pepper and some crushed red peppers. Let it marinate for 24 hours and then put in the dehydrator for 4-6 hours. Just depend on how crunchy or tender you want it. I always use a dehydrator. i heard that you can use a fan and some air filters for a hvac unit. This is supposed to dry it out more and not necessary cooked it as much. never tried it, but i heard that it is a good way to make it.
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    Dec 3, 2002
    PMan\'s Jerky

    Pmans Deer Jerky Receipt…

    Someone asked me for this a few weeks ago and I got another U2U today about it. Its very easy to make using this receipt....

    I started makng this several years ago and it still is one of my favorites for Jerky…

    Cut meat 1/4' thick and 3/4' wide. I also use the trimmings from any cut of meat as long as you slice it thin. Remove ANY gristle or fat that you can see—it will spoil the taste.

    3# Lean Venison (No Fat!)

    1 Table spoon meat tenderizer of your choice
    1 Whole Onion
    1 Clove of Garlic
    1 Bottle Worcestershire Sauce
    1 Bottle Soy sauce
    1 shot of Ketchup (2 oz.)
    2 table spoons Liquid Smoke

    Red Pepper
    Fresh Cracked Pepper

    You can use powdered Onion and Garlic but its not as good--to Me.

    Place all your meat in a bowl and fill it with water. When the water turns red change it----then do it again. When the water will stay clear after soaking for 10 min---it’s usable. Roll the meat in the bowl and make sure that every piece is well bathed.

    Grab your blender and pour the Worcestershire Sauce, Soy sauce and Liquid smoke into the blender.
    Dice up the onion---real fine and use the juice from it as well as the onion----dump it in the blender.
    Peel the garlic and then dice it as small as you can---dump it in also.
    Dump the Meat Tenderizer in also, along with the ketchup.

    Turn the blender on with the cover in place (LOW SPEED)---If you forget the cover ya now have a mess to clean up.

    You can’t leave this blending to long---the better it mixes the better it will taste.

    Grab a large sealable plastic container and make sure the lid will seal tight.

    DRY the meat very good and then place a layer in the bottom of the container.

    After your mix is blended real good and you know its ready----go have a beer and leave it going—its not ready yet!

    OK---so you had two beers---that be ok too!

    Pour the mixture over the meat until its covered and then place another layer of meat in the bowl. Repeat until you have all the meat covered with the liquid.

    Seal the bowl and place in the fridge for about an hour…

    I still use a dehydrator that does not have a circulator built in. If your does not then you will need to do some extra things after you get started. Place the meat strips in the trays as full as you can get them---but they must not be touching. Fill the trays and then place them on the dehydrator and turn it on. You should rotate the racks a quarter turn and place the top rack on the bottom after about 2 hours. My old dehydrator takes about 20 to 24 hours to make a batch. The newer ones with the circulator can be finished in about 8 hours.

    If you have meat strips left then simply leave them in the fridge. If you have more to marinate then add more of your mixture until you have it all done.

    I like to sprinkle some fresh cracked pepper on some of the trays (Before turning on the dehydrator) and also some red pepper on some as well.

    Depending on how you like your jerky, when it has NO moisture showing on the meat—its ready. If you want it a little more done then simply leave it on longer. I usually start removing the small strips and moving the meat to a lower position in the dehydrator until its all done like I want it. To me Jerky is not as good when it snaps into after it’s cooked. When it will bend and the end will touch---its just right.

    I have for years made jerky and then place it in good zip-lock bags and remove as much of the air as possible. It can be stored in the freezer like this for months---unless you have grandkids like I do and they seem to always find where I have it hid…

    Good hunting---and eatin!