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Jax connects in IL

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Jax and Heff continue their assault on deer as a dynamic duo! Jax made and 83 yard shot on this nice 9 pt. They were in them good.
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Very nice. Congrats to all. A good guide is good to have. I didn't know his new nickname is Heff though. :thinking: Must be surrounded by Playboy bunnies due to all his recent guiding/hunting fame. :D
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Awesome, congrats Jax, Bob and Heff or Jeff.
Good stuff!
Jeffers has a new nickname...
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Outstanding work!!!
Way to go Jax and what's his name.:tup:
WTG Jax!!!!!
Jax is a killer now and Heff has front row seats
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Well done young man.
Very nice congrats!
Nice work boys
Very nice fellas! :cool!:
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