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Jackson had some opening more action!!

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As we all know the weather pretty warm opening day, but it's opening day! So, we climbed into the two man stand about 515, didn't break much of a sweat and we wait for day break, day break came and went and we didn't have any action until a spike job show about 70 yards and took the trail that lead him away, no big deal, great to see a deer. About 820 we look up and see a decent buck and Jackson immediately said "that's the buck we see while trimming lanes", we had kinda hoped he would show, no world beater, but would be a solid bow kill. He looked as though he was going to follow the trail the spike choose, but he stopped to scratch his ear/head and then started down our way, as he was closing I whispered he should be top pin if you let him come. Well, we let him come and he ALMOST got through our last lane, but Jax mepped him and let the G5 tipped arrow smacked him pretty good, I thought is was good, but maybe a touch back. We gave him a little time, but I didn't even bring my bow, so I was like let's get on the trail (would have been crushed had a big shooter cruised past). We had pretty good blood then got sparse, but followed it painstakingly and he was piled up. Liver and a touch of gut! A touch of gut in that weather is AWFUL!!!!

Very happy for Jackson, he seems to be making great strides, knowing when to reach for the bow, when to draw and more importantly to settle the pin and squeeze.

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Way to start off the season :trophy:

Awesome buck. Great start to the season and to the pages on this website. #gettingitdone
Awesome job 20's!
Pretty awesome!
Way to get the season going!!!

What brand of crossbow was he using?:D
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Congrats Jackson . Good deer
That’s awesome now the pain staking wait for him.
That's awesome now the pain staking wait for him.
He has HS soccer so that will help for sure, also we need to kill some does, so if the weather cools and he can go, he'll be on doe patrol. But yes, hopefully he will be available to hunt MO Youth!
Thats a good deer! Congrats to Jackson. :tup:
Nice! Good job!
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