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It arived WOOOT.

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It finally arived at 5 30 pm amist our sever rain storm.
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That's a beautiful rifle. Is it a Pennsylvania or Kentucky style? The wood is gorgeous.
Its an American Lancaster model. its 44" barel is quite long. Good thing I dint get the longer barel.

My next perchase of a smothbore will be a Fowller in 20 ga i think. But wont start law-away on that till end of ths year.
longbow, did ya figure out how to get that barrel off yet???
Yes thank you. It has 4 pins no thiker then a pensil lead in diamiter. Going to have to make me a tool to drive them out next time, so it much faster and easier.
Still not have a chance to shoot it yet. depending on what we ahve pland sunday/ today onc e we wake up ill go shoot it today.
Was out looking at tricks all day today so dint get to shoot it. Just got home.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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