Iowa turkey hunt...EDITED, PICS ADDED!!!

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    Ok, here's a rundown of the Iowa trip, sorry if it gets too long. We left Marshall around 11 am, and 3 1/2 hrs or so later, pulled in the driveway at my buddy "Bruno's" house. About an hour later, we all loaded up and went for a cruise around the countryside, looking at a couple of new spots, and all the old ones...I believe we have access to right at 2000 acres!!! We probably hunted half of it. After our cruise, we came back to the house and split into pairs to go roost some birds. Bro in law Mark, and his buddy Ryan, covered 2 seperate spots, and Bro in law Terry and I, along with Bruno's boy Brody, went to our spots. We busted 6 longbeards and one jake driving in over at Ernie's farm, so we left them to settle down, and went to one of the new spots, a landlocked 80 acres. We roosted 2 toms there. Monday morning, we all woke up at 4:30, had breakfast and coffee out in the ruthless wind, it always blows hard up there, and headed to our spots around 5am. Mark went to his spot on the 4wheeler, Ryan went to Allens corner, and Terry and I planned to hunt together, (which is more fun to us), at Ernies. We got in plenty early, before the gobblin started. Our original setup was about 80 yds too far out, so we hi tailed it over to the big timber edge, and got thru the fence as quiet as we could. There was one tom gobblin about 50-60 yds down in the timber, and 4 more about 50 yds past him. We had a hen fly down about 30 yds from us, and work her way out into the pasture behind us to meet up with her "sister". The single tom flew down about 50 yds down in the timber, and worked his way to about 30 when we first saw him...I saw his pretty white head pop up, and then his tailfan as he strutted...We hoped he would follow the hens path, and come about 15 yds from us, but he had other plans, and skirted us in the brush, all we could see was the top of that white head...we let him walk. He met up with those 2 hens, and put up quite a show out in the field. The other 4 toms eventually headed the other way, we figured they had been whooped by the big boy too many times to come his way. After a couple of hours of tryin to work different setups, we headed for camp. We met Mark and Ryan on the road out, they had both scored at flydown. Marks weighed 24 lbs, 10 1/2" beard, and 1 5/8" spurs. Ryans weighed over 23 lbs, had 2 beards, main was 10 1/2", and then 7 3/4", with 1 1/4" spurs!!! Both nice trophy birds....Marks came in alone, and Ryan had 6 to choose from, 2 two year olds were 6 yds away,and he had the patience to wait for this one to come in gobbling, getting close enough to see his spurs, and shot him at 12 yds!!!

    After lunch on monday, Terry headed off to Alans corner along, and Ryan and I went to Marks spot...(I still need a baby sitter, and someone to carry my bird, dangit). Terry worked 3 big toms and had 7 jakes at 30 yds, but the toms stayed about 70 yds out. We all met back at camp at 4 pm. Mark and Ryan headed home, Ryan was hunting Ks for 2 days this week, and then leaving for Neb this weekend for a 4 day hunt....lucky dawg. Terry and I decided to go back to Ernies, to the roosting trees and wait. We set up about 100 yds apart, right under some big roost trees...we sat from 5 until almost 8, when finally, I had 2 hens feed into my dekes...the wind was blowing so hard, the dekes were moving sometimes too fast, and the first hen got fritzy and left. The other hen wasn't sure what happened, and sat there and called. She helped me call in another hen, and eventually a tom....these 2 hens were at 10 yds or less for about 5 minutes!!! The tom came in from behind me, got into about 8 yds, and I couldn't move my gun up. The hens didnt like something, and started to softly putt, and the tom started back pedalling. I figured it was now or never, and slowly slid my gun up, and smoked him with the BPshotgun at 17 yds!!! Time to head for camp, after setting 3 hrs in the same spot....I ran out of buttcheeks after the first hurt!!! All day hunting will WEAR YOU OUT, believe me!!!

    Here's a couple of mine....



    The next morning, Terry told me to sleep in, he headed to Marks spot, close to camp, and worked a bird, and got impatient, taking too long a shot and missed. After that, we headed for the landlocked 80, and spotted 2 toms and several hens, about a half mile from the truck. We had to take the long way around, using the hills and timber, to work our way in close...Terry crawled in to about 60 yds, and I stayed about 20 yds behind him to call. After a few soft calls, the subdominant tom moved in uphill from Terry, about 40 yds out. Luckily T saw him, and called some himself, and the bird moved down towards him, and he found a small hole to shoot thru for about a 30 yd shot!!! T's bird weighed in at 22.3lbs, 10" beard, and 1" spurs...VERY hard earned bird again!!! On our way back to the truck I found 2 sheds too!!!

    OK, I'm done ramblin, I'll attach pics now!!!
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    Here's camp, all the comforts of home!!!


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    Here's Terry, cuttin down on his bird....

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    Here's his results!!! That old John Deere cornpicker made a good backdrop for pics...I still have to get copies of the opening morning birds....long

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    Oct 22, 2002
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    What kind of tree is that, in the 4th picture?
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    Cman, that would be Ole Yaller Trash Wood.....One big Hedge tree!!! Bois' d arc, Osage orange, whichever ya prefer!!!! That sucker would make a boat load of bows, fo sho!!! Made awesome turkey huntin cover too!!!
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    Well ~ along with the cornpicker, it makes one heck of a backdrop! :eek:
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    nice,glad you had a good time
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    Bout time you got this up!!! Glad that you had a good trip!
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    LDOMRS says.......

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    Nov 24, 2004
    Lamar Co. Texas
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    Thanks for posting your story!!!! It was a good one!!!! Congrats on a fine hunt and getting a bird!!!!!:cheers::cheers::cheers:
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    Sounds like a great trip!!
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    Great pics an neat story! Glad you scored Brad!!
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    Brad great story and pics!!:eek: Glad you guys scored. Doncha love that out of state turkey hunting??:cheers:

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    awsome brad
    glad you had a good trip and thanks for sharein with us
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    Looks like a great time was had by all.
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    down on the farm
    cool pics and looks like a heck of good time. Good to see you back out and feelin better.
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    You too brother!!!!!