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I was going through the files in an old computor I'm getting rid of and found this newspaper clipping. I thought it might be an interesting story to read during the off season. The guy who hit the deer is my cousin. I deleated his name. I'm not sure he wants it all over the internet.

Truck Ends Pursuit of Legendary Buck

By Rodger Pitt Sunday, October 24, 1999
Post Crescent Outdoor Editor

Scandinavia - A legendary deer deserves to have some tall tales - legends - told about it. A deer with the biggest set of antlers just about anybody in Waupaca County has ever seen has turned out to be more than a myth.
It will not go down in any record books because it was killed about 4:50 A.M. Oct. 7 when it ran into the path of a pickup driven by M*** Z****, Wittenberg, who was traveling State 49 near Scandinavia on his way to work at the Waupaca Foundry.
The legend of the deer starts before that fateful day with a hunter “obsessed with the deer†who has been pursuing it for more than two years and remains to be concluded in court Nov.5 with an arrest by a game warden who tracked down the antlers that were taken by a third party after the accident.
There were nearly 2,000 accidents involving deer in Waupaca County from late 1998 to mid 1999 so people don’t get too excited when they hear that somebody hit “government beef†with their vehicle. That cannot be said of this deer.
You simply can not help but be excited when somebody says “biggest buck ever†and “one of the top five in the state.†That is what a friend told me a few days after the accident. He said he learned about it while hunting grouse in northwestern Wisconsin.
Sure, I have heard all that before was my first reaction but he has been reliable and I began checking with Vicky Thoe and Sandy Artz in the Waupaca County Sheriff’s record department. With so many deer accidents and no definite time frame we had about five possible accidents.
I was on a deer hunt of my own, a hunt for information and verification and if the rumors were correct we did have a magnificent buck. I had identified the driver and knew the particulars but they still remained rumors until verified.
Most of the rumors were true. The deer’s antlers had a gross score of 191 ½, it was a 14 pointer and weighted in excess of 300 pounds. It is believed it was 5 ½ years old. The spread was measured at 21 inches.
What is so mind-boggling is the mass of the antlers. They are so big in circumference that they almost look like they are from a moose or mountain sheep. I put my hand around the main beam and it was like gripping a baseball.
So how does a deer smart enough to avoid hunters to live three years longer than the average buck end up being smashed by a pickup?
Rick Hanson of Iola, the hunter obsessed by the deer, and warden Jim Rice of Waupaca, agree on what happened.
They surmise that because of the dry summer, the big buck had to leave the safety of his natural area to water each day on the south branch of the Little Wolf River. This required him to cross State 49 and increase the chances of him becoming a traffic fatality.
Hanson has been pursuing the buck for at least two years. “I have been glassing him and had his habits down pretty good.†he said. “I had a chance to shoot him early this bow season. He was at thirty-five yards but it was not a good, clear shot so I let him pass. I thought I would get another chance.â€
Hanson has 14 other deer that have qualified for Pope & Young, an organization that records bow killed trophy deer. Boone & Crocket do a similar service for gun killed deer. The record typical bow killed deer in Wisconsin scored 186 plus. The non-typical record is 205.
Hanson was so obsessed, to use his words, that he hunted for sheds from the deer and found those from a year ago early in the season.
“With the combination of age and genetics this was a deer that was special,†Said Hanson. “The amount the antlers grew from a year ago is dramatic.â€
Hanson estimated the deer’s live weight at more than 300 pounds. “It was a homebody,†he said. “There was an area of about 100 acres where he lived. He got chased out last year during the gun season. Somebody got a shot at him but missed and he disappeared. I think he crossed the river and stayed in tall canary grass until the season was over.â€
Hanson said he glassed the deer two days before it was killed. “An alfalfa field had been pretty dry and the fall rains had greened it up and he was eating there just before dark. I had it all figured out as to where to set up the stand. All I was waiting for was the wind to be from the right direction.â€
“I would say that the deer would have been scored in the top five bow-killed bucks ever in the state.†said Hanson.
Hanson said he really does not have the passion at this time to hunt. “That deer was an obsession.†he said.
Even after it’s death the buck became a legend. Z**** informed law officials that he wanted the deer and under state law the person driving the vehicle has that right. When he returned to the accident scene an hour later, he found the carcass but the head had been cut off and taken.
Rice became involved at that time as the law not only gives the deer to the driver but requires the deer to be removed intact and that it be tagged.
He traced the antlers to a Scandinavia area man. Rice said that the person removing the head had damaged the cape so badly that a full head mount of the deer was not possible.
At least one rumor was false. Scuttlebutt had it that somebody in law enforcement had provided a tag for the deer. The man possessing the antlers did not have them tagged after four days, said Rice.
Rice said that the unidentified man would appear in court Nov. 5. Rice who currently has the antlers, said they will be given to Z****.

Here's some pics of the rack after he got it back.


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Great story. Amazing what kind of ruckus a deer can cause!
That is a great buck for sure...too bad he came to an end like that. I like the acorn on his left G2!
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