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    That is interesting... Why did MDC give 2.5 million dollars to BPS?

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    I read Larry Blabbermouth and then quit reading.
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    Blue Springs Mo for me I need to know all the details before I start bashing Johnny.
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    Some of his reads arent too Bad ,,,,,,,But then some are over the top .......Not sure if the 2.5 is factual ,Ziehmer did go to work for johnny ............PUTTING 2.5 mill in streams sounds good ,,,,But how do you get equipment down to the river and excavate water holes to fix the fishing ,,,,,,He crazy He didnt point out why Johnny received 2.5 mill which makes you wonder
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    As for the money I'm gonna take a wild stab at it and say it has something to do with the cooperative venture on the conservation museum at bass pro in Springfield.

    There are programs in place to help landowners keep cattle off river banks and others that help stabilize banks. It's still the landowners decision on whether or not they cooperate. If it was mandatory good ole Larry would beach about that. Lol.
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    Larry is really good at pointing out things he disagrees with and/or doesn't like.........problem is.......he also always seems to leave out many or most details and as Paul Harvey would say....."The rest of the story"........

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    I have a couple of old axes laying around some where if he needs some More to sharpen.
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    There are programs available:
    CP 22 a continuous CRP practice. Up to 180' along streams. 90% cost share for trees and planting, fencing and alternate water supply. $100/a sign up incentive. $40-50/a per year for 10-15 years. See your local FSA office.
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    I dont care if its a MDC specific exhibit/museum, a state agency should never give 2.5 million or any amount of money to it.
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    Larry has done more for conservation in his lifetime than everyone here has done combined. Research his history a little. Just because you don't like his stance doesn't mean he is wrong in pointing out the smoke that indicates the major fire of big government corruption in the MDC.
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    What Larry is really talking about is Echo Bluff and what has gone on there through the process. A lot of local boys that worked on it personally and saw some things first hand are letting the word out.. You wouldn't understand the context of the article iffn ya hadn no information. So it's kinda unfair of the OP to post it. You should go look at the place, WOW.
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    Oct 15, 2009
    Whats Echo Bluff?
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    Oct 15, 2009
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    I clicked the link and checked out Echo Bluff State Park. That is administered by the Department of Natural Resources, not the Conservation Department. So what's up?
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    what? Did BPS get 2.5mil to supply rocking chairs at the park or something.

    I feel like someone is telling me I should care, I want to know why?
  16. henry

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    I'm sure that's the story according to Larry.
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    Morris designed the park
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    Echo Bluff was a whole 'nother fiasco involving the feds seizing land from an outdoor concert festival organizer because of drugs. Then the feds sold it to the state of MO for like $1.00 then the state spent $52 million (that they didn't have) building a state park geared toward the St Louis wealthy, with Gov Nixon's name plastered all over the thing.

    MDC nor Johnny Morris had any involvement in Echo Bluff.