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Info Needed on Kansas

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I have a chance to lease 800 acres in Kansas at a pretty good price. The county is Chautauqa Unit 12. I have never hunted KS and wanted to know if this Unit is known for producing big deer. One farm joins 180 acre crop feild and it's the only crops in the area for miles. The farms looks to have good bit of timber and creek bottom running through them. Thanks in advance for any advice on the area.
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Have hunted Unit 12 a number of times. Plenty of deer, seems to be to many. Lots of 130 to 150" bucks, but have seen some bigger hit the dust. You almost always can get a leftover tag because you get your unit and one next to you. Unit 11 always seem to have a ton of left over tags.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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