I'm Back From NE Missouri..Pic Heavy!!!

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  1. Well guy's and gals I have returned back home from NE Missouri with unfilled tags once again. I think I have mess of archery tags now that should make a nice tasty soup. Noone the less I had a great time as usal. I got to hunt with my friends and visit with my local buddies. I absoutley love the simple living, big mature timber, huge crop fields and the big ole bucks the Midwest offers. If I could only talk the wife into moving. :whistle:

    I had plenty of oppurtunities to kill a few decent bucks that I chose to pass. I am not willing to scarfice my goal of killing a mature buck that would make me happy just to say I filled my tag. Many might wonder why I do not fill my doe tags. Well, I just don't see many does on the farms I hunt. I see 3 to 4 bucks for every doe so don't see the need into thinning them out any more. I think the neighbors keep the doe numbers down for me.

    Below are some pics of a few encounters I had with some nice bucks. Also as many of you already know I hosted two young ladies during the Missouri youth season. I have attached those pics as well. All I can say, seeing these two young ladies so happy made my season. If I don't kill a deer this year it has been a succesfull season for me.

    Broke up 6pt. and Nice 2 1/2 year old 10pt. 25 yards from me in plot.

    Nice 2 1/2 year old 8 pt. under me.

    Nice 3 1/2 year old 8pt. 20 yards crossing a creek.

    And here are the girls and dad with their bucks.
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    both are great bucks but that one on the left is a HOG!!!
  4. congrats :eek:: :kewlpics:
  5. Great to see the girls out hunting.. Congrats to all. :eek::
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    That's awesome, great bucks and very fine pics!!! :cheers::cheers::claphands::claphands::eek:::eek::
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    :kewlpics: Thanx for sharing them.....and especially thanx for taking the girls out! :claphands::claphands:
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    We are neighbors
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    Those are some great bucks and pics , congrats to all .
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    Way to go!
    Thanks for sharing with us:cheers:
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    That is awesome! :cheers::claphands::eek::
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    Nice kills for the girls :eek:::claphands:
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    :cheers: those are some nice deer
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    :cheers: Awesome pics, that's what it's all about!
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    Glad you had a great time in Missouri, and thanks for sharing the pics with us. Awesome harvests for the two girls! That's what it's all about! :eek::
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