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Quick recap:

Opening day Friday Nov. 20 furious action from the get go. Hot does crashes through the creek and crosses with a small 8 pt in tow, then a few minutes a 120 8 pt follows, the about 7 am a super wide buck is cruising my way with his nose to the ground i throw binos and he is staring my way at 40 yards, probably a mid 130's with a 20' spread, lucky for him I just decided to pass on my first 130's buck. laetr 10 does cross then anoth 130 9 pt, then from behgind a good 125 8 pt. some other does and 120 class bucks, never the truly big that I am looking for. Clearly one of the best hunts I have every had!!!! 33 deer within easy shotgun range. The next two days were good but no shooters that i wanted.

Second season: Thursday evening December 3 windy as all get out and cold, one deer spotted, obviously picked the wrong area of the farm. Friday morning a couple small buck and 1 slick to far away. Friday afternoon, position my buddy in an area that has free on hunters as this was his first sit this season in IL, I went to a different area, I smashed a big old hawg head doe (made sure to shoot a mature doe, not a button:D), picked him up, well it was him who shot twice and killed a 130 class 8 pt (still waiting on him to send the pics I took). Party very hard that evening and into the next day, Saturday saw a couple drives and passed opportunites and no shooter. Sunday, again very hungover and more drives with no shots fired. Incredible camp with great times and many lies told. I hope half of them bucks I passed on made it!:cheers:

Lots of MO bowhunting treestand time remains.

Good luck to everyone!

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