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i'll be hittin the road

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i'll be hittin the road in a few hours to go on my first hog hunt . wish me luck and i'll bring back a bunch of pics i hope . :dancin::banana:
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Good Luck....bring back the bacon!!!!
Good luck on the hunt!
Make sure you have batteries in that camera!
Good luck Hoyt01!!!
Where are you headed?
I went last weekend on a dog & knife hunt in Durant OK. Had a ton of fun but didn't get into the pigs. Seen a ton of sign but the piggys just were not there. Seen some beautiful country!
Jacksboro TX. west of Fort Worth .
Sounds like a fun trip, Hoyt....my son and I tried it way out in west Tx, west of Llano, several yrs ago...had the same luck as BOA...Good luck to ya!!!
Good luck, Hoyt! If all else fails.....SCREAM LIKE A GIRL AND RUN UP A TREE!
Have a good trip!!! Can't wait to see the pics!
enjoy the trip and good luck on the hunt
well i made it back from the pig hunt and had a great time . i have no pig pics to show . i didn't get one they are a lot smarter than i thought . you cant get in where the live . they were coming out to the feeders late at night when it was cooler . there's always next year . thats why they call it hunting and not killin i guess .
Sounds like a good time and gl next year!
Originally posted by Hoyt01
thats why they call it hunting and not killin i guess .
You ain't wrong.........Still sounds like a great time in the woods.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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