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I asked this on a thread about agents having the right to inspect freezers, but it may have gotten lost in the replies. A link to an Attorney General's opinion indicated it was only necessary to carry your hunting permit on you, but I had received information that was different than that.

When I am hunting/fishing, am I required to carry a photo ID, such as a driver's license, to verify who I am in addition to my hunting/fishing permits?

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3 CSR 10-4.125 Inspection
Every person, business concern or organization
possessing, taking, transporting or using
the wildlife or forestry resources of this state
in any manner shall permit any agent of the
department or any peace officer to inspect
his/her permit(s), or temporary permit authorization
number(s), and picture identification;
to inspect and count any wildlife in
his/her possession; and to inspect any devices
or facilities used in taking, attempting to take,
possessing or transporting wildlife, subject to
the provisions of section 252.100, RSMo in
order that such officer may ascertain whether
this Code or the statutes pertaining to wildlife
or forestry are being violated. No person,
business concern or organization shall refuse
to permit such inspection, or interfere with
any officer in such inspection.
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