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i want a ml dose any body got one for sale

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i want a some what good ml dose any body have one for sale
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[rquote=1519647&tid=105961&author=90acres]If I knew what a ml dose was:confused:[/rquote]

Well, I hope you are not shopping for use this season, as you'd be hard pressed to get it set up right, and ready to hunt this year...... Especially if you have no experience with them.....

But, Cabela's, Bass Pro, Wally world, and a whole bunch of other places will be having big sales on em in the very near future, if it ain't started already..... Best time to buy a ML is usually January.
[rquote=1521341&tid=105961&author=DWD]Yep you'll find it wrapped around a tree on the E side of the chariton river, I will gladly let ya have it if you can get it unwrapped. I will not assume any responsibility for any damage you might or might not incur with said ML. IMHO IF you get it to working again DON'T shoot at anything but doe's as it misses monster bucks but that MAY have been operator error. :toilet:[/rquote]

You was just saving that deer for Christopher......:D
Would make for a nice Christmas present for one of the boys.... Unless momma shoots him....:D
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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