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I suffer from really cold fingers

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and did some research as to why.It used not to be as bad but even with insulated glove my fingers get cold very very easily..painfully cold


a technique developed by U.S. Army researchers in Alaska. In a room that's a comfortable temperature, submerge your hands in a container of warm water for three to five minutes. Then go into a freezing room (outside in wintertime unless you have access to a walk-in freezer) and again dip your hands in warm water for 10 minutes. The cold environment would normally make your blood vessels constrict, but the warm water makes them open. Repeatedly training vessels to open despite the cold around them may enable you to counter the restriction reflex even without the warm water.
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[rquote=1500106&tid=104642&author=jaytee]Do yoy know anybody who has one? Might see if they'd let you try it out and see if it helps. Might have to rig up your own ******* hottub like the two guys on T.V. did with the old clawfoot tub and bonfire lit under neath it!!:D[/rquote]

Yep the F.I.L has one of them bath tubs with Jets in it..might have to give it a try
I have 2 fingers and a thumb that gets white cold, but that is from some nerve damage. To many years of abuse as a carpenter, and a maintnance man. When I worked at Tyson in MC, it was really bad, finally had to get the 2 glove thing goin, it did work, but took a while.:cheers:
[rquote=1499846&tid=104642&author=beanpile]Yea Henry from what I can tell its either Raynaud's Disease or just a bye product of my arthritis. My hands are very arthritic which I'd say is a bye product of years of concrete work.

Very well could be a medical reason-peripheral neuropothy also-diabeties can contribute...or,it could just be cold out:welcome:
Painfully Cold fingers in insulated gloves in 30+ weather does not compute

been tested for Diabetes.. thankfully that is not the issue.

Got a DR appt to see if theer is some help
wow thats interesting. Great post:eek::
[rquote=1500108&tid=104642&author=beanpile][rquote=1500105&tid=104642&author=rangerdvr]Try wearing rubber gloves under your normal gloves. Its worked for me in the past[/rquote]:thinking:[/rquote]does wonders for me to:cheers:that and taking a aspirin a day during hunting season helps alot to.but mine can go numb just as bad fishin at night if the temp drops 70 to 50's real quick.they will get so bad i can't even open a truck door:whistle:

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