I need honest opinions FAST!

Discussion in 'Guns & Ammo' started by beanpile, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. beanpile

    beanpile just a no body

    I got 24 hrs to let him know.

    A guy I know has a NEW IN THE BOX

    Winchester 9422 Tribute/Legacy

    They only made 9422 of them..bought new at Cabelas for $540

    he wants $525..should I or Should'nt I???

    dont need it....BUT!! they are going fpr $700+/- on gunbroker.com
  2. Nicholas

    Nicholas New Member

    Oct 5, 2005
    Saint Charles, MO
    Get it and flip it!

  3. beanpile

    beanpile just a no body

    thats what I'm thinking..or hold on to it
    problem is with Winchester going out of Bizz there is a feeding frenzy going on now..it might cool down shortly..no doubt tho it wont /should'nt go down in value
  4. kcraider21

    kcraider21 New Member

    Aug 17, 2005
    Belton, MO
    If you got the money laying around, why not? You can always sell it.
  5. BigJake

    BigJake New Member

    Dec 27, 2005
    I agree. I saw one on guns america starting at $865.

    If you can, do it. You can always turn it back around.
  6. JackJr

    JackJr New Member

    Nov 30, 2002
    Land Of BLAHS
    Yep go for it. Never ever shoot it and keep it stored safely and cleaned often. Should be worth a lot as a Collector's Gun in 20-30 years.

  7. Big John

    Big John Active Member

    Oct 24, 2003
    GET IT!!!!! One of the best shooting guns there is rimfire.
  8. Gamegetter

    Gamegetter Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2004
    Are you crazy? Of course don't buy it, just give me the name and number of the guy and I'll buy it. Just kidding, it sounds like a great investment. It won't go down in value. I think I'd buy it, wait several months and maybe sell it then.
  9. huntforfunnfood

    huntforfunnfood New Member

    Jun 30, 2003
    new bloomfield mo
    guess i am just of different thinking
    i am not big on having guns i don't shoot
    and i really think personally i would let it pass
    but hey if you got the cash go for it
    i would probley try and put it right back on gun broker
    if you think that you could get 800 for it
  10. beanpile

    beanpile just a no body

    I think I'm going for it..had dreams on it all night.

    I agree with Huntn4food I dont like having toys I cant play with especially for that kind of $$ ..I know of a 223 Win featherwieght for the same price..but
  11. hunter7x

    hunter7x New Member

    Oct 22, 2002
    I've got a Winchester special addition Howard County .44 lever action rifle I bought that just kills me to see sitting there doing nothing! There were only 10 of them made. It's a Howard County special addition, which is the county my business is in here in Indiana.
    It's gorgeous and a good investment, but all my guns are working guns. I've already seen one of the other 9 go for 2x what we paid for them.
  12. Rebel2

    Rebel2 Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2003
    Ozark, MO
    me.. imho.. let er go.. all my guns are working guns.. I only have what i use... just my opinion
  13. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Dec 13, 2002
    Springfield, MO.

    I agree......:wave:
  14. beanpile

    beanpile just a no body

  15. henry

    henry Fan Boy aka Mr Twisty and

    Be sure and post a pic when you do,,,,,,,,,I like lookin at toys I'd like to have.

  16. beanpile

    beanpile just a no body

    check out the link from underclocked..I dont have a digital..sure is pertty tho
  17. BigJake

    BigJake New Member

    Dec 27, 2005
    send it to me. I'll take a picture for you.:wave:
  18. JimH

    JimH Active Member

    Nov 6, 2003
    St. Louis
    ifn ya got the cash buy it. if i had a lot of cash i would buy some guns just to collect but i buy to shoot. that being said sometimes when you see a good deal on something you know you can make cash on then you sometimes have to put your buisness hat on and buy the dang thing.
  19. beanpile

    beanpile just a no body

    If I can make a lil bit it'll take the sting out ofbuying something I can play with