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I love burns

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We did our first burn of the year today. It was some row crop ground that we did'nt harvest because of the poor condition due to the drougth. Now we won't have to fight all the stubble and foxtail etc, when we till.

Anybody else planning on burns this year????

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I've got a few fields that are just old pastures that i keep mowed down. They have buck brush,lespedeza,and fescue in them. I have thought about burning parts of them down and then seeding over with clover without breaking the ground(too many rocks).I'm not sure how well it would work though.
Ever try a no-till system??
We have so many rocks I dont think it would work.
You have rocks but you till? How many acres are you talking about?
I do plow,disk,and plant about 4 acres of food plots but it is hard on equipment and me.I will wear out a set of plow shears in one year.
Sorry ozark... my comment was directed to Henry.
we are planning to burn off about 15 acres of CRP the 1st weekend of March. It is very thick with big and little bluestem, indian grass and side oats gama, hopefully this will thin it out some and make it better for quail.
Well... I was talking more about row crops but sounds like you are right on track.

How do you like the CRP program??
ah, nothing like the roar of flames going thru an old field! A couple of weeks ago during a "no-burn" ban with 25 mph wind the neighbors set the bottoms on fire. burned into my west side but probably just killed some willows.

I try to discourage burning on my place now as I'm trying to get some oaks to come back. But several landowner buddies have lots of CRP and they are PYROs! You should see a 600 acre field big bluestem go!

What I really enjoy though is shed hunting right after a burn. You can spot those antlers from 200 yards away.
Rat,,,,,we have tried no till, but mainly to get row crop started and kill fescue at the same time. I don't have enough acres to cover the cost of purchasing a decent no-till drill, and the rental route can be a pain. When the weather gets uncooperative everything backs up and you can't get the drill when you need it. We burned 21 acres today. All together we only row crop about 60 or so acres. If you count foodplots that goes up to about 70.

gonna do bout 15 acres in the next month or so...:cheers:
Just praying once again that my place don't burn.

:D The Big Grin can't handle Smoke
Yes we're doing a burn this year too. Last year our late April burn was successful in killing some young Honey Locust and controlling Fescue. What difference it made in forbs and warm seson grasses.

This year I am going to have a late March burn cause I probably won't have time in April. Again I want to control the fescue and kill Honey Locust. Also gonna try burning some woods to encourage understory growth in an area Rusty and I cleared a couple of weeks ago. More clearing to be added before March.

Henry I also need to get that wsg you sold me in the ground too!:wave:
Originally posted by Mecheng
Henry I also need to get that wsg you sold me in the ground too!:wave:
You picked a good year to not get it in last year. I sure hope conditions are better this year.

Ya know Henry at first I thought this said you Loved Buns!!!:hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:

rat, the CRP program is okay, but I really don't like having to play by their rules about when you can brushhog, disc and how much you can put into food plots. If it was up to me I would rather not have it in CRP and then I could put in as many food plots as I wanted, when I wanted, but my brother-in law and father-in law partners don't see it that way, they want the money off the CRP.
I wish we had some CRP on our place. I think people really underestimate the holding power of CRP for wildlife.

On the topic...I'm going to be burning several acres sometime soon, if conditions play along.
I guess my opinion differs from alot of folks but.............. burning makes me nervous as h*ll. Just seems to be too many folks that decide to burn fields, brushpiles, whatever at the absolute worst time and they don't have a clue about how to do it. They decide the time is right when the wind is blowing about 50 mph, there is low humidity, it hasn't rained recently and then they have about 2 people at best trying to control it. Then, you're lucky if they stick around to tend it for more than an hour. Way too much risk for the thing to get off and going out of control or laying there dormant until the wind kicks up and then it comes back a day later. Either way it ends up torching 100 acres or more of woods or so in the process.

I also hate to think of how darn many turkey nests get torched during some of these later spring (anything after about mid-March) burns.

I'll stick to brush-hogging, Roundup and a good old-fashion chain saw if the stuff is too big and I wish more people would do the same.
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Pfr,,,,you just discribed one of my neighbors. His idea of a controled burn is to light it when the winds blowing and call the fire dept to control it.

Most of the controling on a controled burn is before the fire is lit. If your not willing to work before you lite,,it needs to be left alone.

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