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I have a big ??? when it comes to bow hunting

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Well last fall was my 1st year bow hunting and I loved it. I mist my 1st 2, but the 3rd time was the charm. I took advice to just shoot each day and now at 40 yards I hit my target time after time.
Now for my ? I did not use a Release or Sights and my ? is will using them 2 help me a lot more or should I just stick with what worked. Thanks!!!!!!

Dang I sound like I am 15 Hahahahahah
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I have a brother who used to shoot a compound instinctivley. He was very deadly on targets,,he could out shoot most of his brother (me) who were using sites. His problem came up when he was shooting at deer. He would get excited enough, it completely rattled his cage and he would start trying to aim etc,,and just could'nt hit a deer. He put sites and a kisser button on (few of us used peeps back then) and started wackin deer consistanly. His range shooting did'nt improve much, but his deer success did. If I were you I would stay with what I'm doing and then switch later if the ole adrenilin keeps me hitting only one out of three deer.(.02) ain't bow huntin fun:D

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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