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I have a big ??? when it comes to bow hunting

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Well last fall was my 1st year bow hunting and I loved it. I mist my 1st 2, but the 3rd time was the charm. I took advice to just shoot each day and now at 40 yards I hit my target time after time.
Now for my ? I did not use a Release or Sights and my ? is will using them 2 help me a lot more or should I just stick with what worked. Thanks!!!!!!

Dang I sound like I am 15 Hahahahahah
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I would say if you are hitting what you are looking at out to 40 yds, stick with it!!!!
Originally posted by northmobigbuck
Well no not a softball, O' I wish! More like a basketball. The hardest thing I found out was holding it on the deer for so long. The 1st pne I missed about 6-10 inches in the front and the 2nd one a foot. I had a friend just come out one day drop off a bow and that was it. So other words I still don't know that much, I aim and let her go. But I guess the main thing for me is so just really read up on eveything and watch a lot a video. Thanks for all the help. I am going to buy me a new bow with the release and sights and see how it works for me. If I start hitting the dirt, or over shooting 70 yards then I will just do what works for me.
I would say a basketball sized group at 40 with a bare bow is good!!! Not too many Trad shooters can do that, although some can...(not me). With my shooting, I personally limit my shots to 20 yds....personal choice...if you stick with the bare bow, that might be something for you to decide for yourself also!!! My equipment will kill em farther out, but I can't put every arrow in the right spot at 30 or 40, so I stick with the close shots...15 or less is even better!!!!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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