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I have a big ??? when it comes to bow hunting

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Well last fall was my 1st year bow hunting and I loved it. I mist my 1st 2, but the 3rd time was the charm. I took advice to just shoot each day and now at 40 yards I hit my target time after time.
Now for my ? I did not use a Release or Sights and my ? is will using them 2 help me a lot more or should I just stick with what worked. Thanks!!!!!!

Dang I sound like I am 15 Hahahahahah
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Since I've never seen you shoot I owuld say as others above, if you can hit a softball at 40 yards by all means stick with it. A release and sights might get you busting nocs at 40 yards but thats not necessary to bowhunt.
Most traditional shooters I've seen don't shoot as good as release & sight shooters but the "being traditional" mean more to them than a tight group.
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