I get to take son youth hunting after all. We all packed up. Than you Pastor and Chad

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    Well I was not shure if it was going to be me or Pastor taking my son Longshot26 youth hunting tomarrow. Lukilly the lung doctor apointment i had today was not to discuss the browth on my left lung but instead it was a lung capasity test.

    So brihgt earlly in the morning my son and i will be arriving to Chads house. He was graciouse to let us come hunt on his plase tomarrow. And even more graciouse to put up a blind for my son fo rhsi use this evening. I had missunder stod Chad and thouhgt he was going to call me and tell me which evening this week was good for me to run our blind to his house and we get it set up. Sorry bud. I guess the worry about being hospitilized today had me worried all week.

    I told my son the doc said lung was A OK so he can stop worrying about me. He over heard me and wife talking about it the other day.

    My son is so exited he was still awak at 9pm saying he count fall asleep. But when i got back fomr Walmart to get his and my tag ( Long line slow workers this evening > got back at 11pm ish he was finally asleep.

    Thank you Pastor for being willing to take my son hunting tomarrow if i had gotten put in hospital over lung. And thank you Chad for letting us come to your plase so we dint have to do Buismark lake.
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    be safe guys and shoot straight
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    [rquote=1870581&tid=130227&author=Pastor]be safe guys and shoot straight[/rquote]

    We went to teh range again today and he shot another 20 rounds. I for some reason had him using his sights the wrong way this whole year. I forgot the ball at top of front bead is suposto sit in the small troth and touth teh triangle on rear sight. My eyes are so bad i cant see the triangle any longer but wife asked me what that was last night when she helped me put the bolt back in the gun.

    SO at range today he was only 2 inches high at 25 yards instead of the 4 and half inches at 25 yards and his 4 to 6 inch groups cut down to 1 inch and he hit the swingging bowling pin all 9 times today.

    Saw some interesting ppl shoting at the range today. One guy shoting in his sons deer rifle son never shot and they went home. Saw some first timmers parents and kids going to sight in a rifle they had jsut baught at walmart and 1 box of shells but they dint bring no shoting bags or targets or hearring protection. They thouhgt all that was provided at the range.

    Least tehy baught there gun earlier today and had time to shot it. Unlike the couple at walmart at 9 40pm going ot buy a rifle for there son so he can go shot a deer wiht it in the morning. He was denied so the clerk said jsut put it in your wifes name.

    Or whiel at Smitties on way home i had to stretch my legs. A lady walks in and says my daughter neads bulelts for her deer rifle for tomarrows hunt. They akse dher what caliber and she had to call he 10 year old daughter to find caliber. Then Mr Smitties asked what grain of 223 do you want and the laddie said. That not amtter a bullet is a bullet. He asked her what her daughter used last year and theladdie said. O she ahs never shot the gun befor so that is erelevant. We talked her into getting 3 boxxes of Winchester power point 63 grain bullets. And we all stressed to her the inportance to have her daughter sight the gun in today if she was going to be hunting first light. Even the laddie customers 2 of them in there buying handgunss were adament about that, going so fare to voluntear there time to help her and her daughter get the rifle sighted in.

    I baught thelast 2 boxes of winchester pp 64 grain with my gas reinbersement from apointment today and finished driving home. Longshot26 shot up 8 boxes of the 10 boxes of winshester pp 64grain bullets we had these last 5 days and was planing to shot the 9th once i got home. So i had ot get him more.

    He said yesterday at teh range. I dont know why but i do love to shot gun wiht you daddy.

    I am glad he enjoys shoting with me because i really enjoy shoting with him.
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    Good luck to the younster-Chad and Pastor- You tha man

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    Dec 22, 2006
    Good guys here, no doubt.
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    Longbow, we also went to wal mart in Washington to get my youngest sons tags tonight. The guy behind the counter tried to sell me fmj ammo for deer.... There were more than a couple people standing there openly discussing their baiting tactics. "we have to use something besides apples, there are no apple trees around here and I think the smell will scare the deer, we'll have to get something else". I couldn't believe how openthey were to doing it. Had a lady in front of us get landowner tags. No big deal right? I guess that is if her land (I recognized the street she said she lived on when giving her adress) as a street that runs right through the middle of downtown Washington mo. It's illegal to disharge firearms within city limits, there are no pacels of land at least 5 acres in the middle of downtown Washington, and the tags are only good for the land they were issued. At least she got free tags out of it, and I'm sure they'll be used on someone elses
    land. It was everything I had in me to keep my mouth shut and not make a huge scene in the middle of the hunting section in front of a bunch of kids with all that nonsense going on.

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    And :cheers: to Chad for gettin him in the woods!
  9. We haven't seen anything, and haven't heard ryan dshoot. Still early though.