I feel good - I rescued a Knight MK-85

Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders' started by sabotloader, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. sabotloader

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    Oct 6, 2008
    Moscow, Idaho
    and it arrived today from its' trip across the country...

    Bought this from a fellow forum memember and it is all that he said it was in selling info.

    Why an old MK-85,

    1. well I did not have one
    2. it is a perfect inline ML for Idaho ML regulations, actually for Oregon and Washington also.
    3. it has a great history - the model does...
    4. i kinda needed it - now I can hunt with this neat little inline instead of Renegade/SS GM-LRH

    I will think of another reason later...

    I handled the stock and really like it. It is shorter, lighter, and not as bulky as the current Extreme/Elite stocks. It is going to be an excellent pack rifle. Probably will get a Winter Camo pattern put on the stock but that will not happen until after winter this year.

    I do not know why I thought it was going to be a .504 bore, but I did. The first thing I did was to grab a .503 Bull Shop in insert it in the bore. I started it through the crown and it felt great. I did not push it all the way down because I had not removed the BP yet. I thought it was going to be perfect, but it would not be a .504.

    Checked the bore and ran a couple of CR-10 patches through. The bore looked great and the patches brought nothing back out with them. Pulled the plunger, checked it out - reall can not even tell it has been used no sear line on it at all. Next out came the BP and #11 Nipple - both of them looked really good.

    Put the plunger back in and decided to get some pictures. I am not a good photographer at all but I think you guys will get the idea of what this little jewel looks like.


    The next thing I decided to do was to check the size of the bore further. That lead to some discoveries.

    I put the .503 Bull Shop in the barrel - it slip fit through the crown as it was suppose to. It felt like it made great contact, just like my GM-LRH barrel. Then I put the ram rod on it and started to push it down as soon as I did that the bullet fell all the way through the bore and into the breech area. No biggie - I got a .504 out and repeated the process - this time it took ram weight to push the bullet down - not pressure just the ram rod and it to fell out in the breech. I do not have any .5045's to try but I am thinking that might have to be the bullet. I am trying to get through to Bull Shop Dan right now to see if he has any .5045 sized up.

    Finally the last option I had were some Lehigh 50 cal sabotless bullets. I got one out and try to insert the skirt into the crown. It really seemed tight just to get the skirt so I thought now way am I going to get bay the barbs. I tried one kinda hard whack on the top of the short starter - did not seem to promising. So I thought one more try only this time I put a healthy wack on it. It went down to the nose of the bullet. Pushed it down with the short starter as far as the starter would reach - then the ram rod. Once started it fit perfectly...


    If you look closely you can see the land engravings on the brass...

    I think these are going to shoot just fine - I just have to man up on that short starter whack!

    If I were to shoot sabots it would definitely need to be the HPH-12 or the MMP Short black. The Orange .458 MMP might be to loose once started - but all of that is for a later day.

    All-in-all - do not think I did to bad for an Idaho legal inline ML...
  2. jakesdad

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    Nov 16, 2006
    Looks identical to my mk-85.love the feel of those guns.fits like an old worn out tennis shoe!

  3. mohunter32

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    Jan 15, 2005
    Franklin Co, MO
    Always heard they were good guns.
  4. Mailman

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    Feb 2, 2005
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    I have one with the gray laminated stock. It was my first muzzle loader.