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Hunting from a brush pile!

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Just incase some of you choose to take a 6 year old hunting and want to use a brush pile as a blind.

Yesterday I thought I would take my 6 year old son out and see if we might see be able to shoot a doe. At first he didn't want to go, but as soon as I start getting my gear rounded up he changed his mind. So we got our stuff squared away and headed out a little after 3:00.

I figured we would take our time walking in, walk a draw out on the way back to this small draw in the middle of this bean field that had been bulldozed in, and use the brush pile as make shift blind.

The one thing I didn't realize.

What I see as a blind, the six year old will see as jungle gym. He was all over that thing.

I have asked Santa to bring us a buddy stand for Christmas:D
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Just be watchful of skunks and other unsavory animals using that dozer pile as a home........................................

I used to use an old barn as a ground blind, I didn't mind sharing it with a groundhog or two, but when the groundhogs subbed out the place to a skunk, I had to draw the line.
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