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Hoyt draw modules?

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Both of my hoyt bows were stolen in my burglary and I have been itching to shoot. I went to the local shop here and shot a few but the new Hoyt's come out Nov 7th and I want to wait until then to see if there are significant changes from the 19's. To bide my time I bought a used Hoyt Maxxis 31 today. Long story short, the bow is too short for me and I need to change the draw module. Anyone have any XTR 3E cam modules laying around or know a shop that might have a set? These are the 30 inch draw modules. The Maxxis is about ten years old. Thanks!
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I had no sooner hit enter on this post when it dawned on me to call B&B in Raytown. They had a set and are shipping them to me.
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