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How would you handle this?

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As many of you know I just ordered a new bow. I spent a good amount of hard earned money on it. I got yesterday and noticed that there were 3 things that were messed up on my order. They were all minor but if you ask me that isn't the point. How hard is it to look down a list and make sure that it is part of the bow? I'm calling this morning to see what they are going to do for me to make up for it. Customer service is everything to me.
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I agree Jay, Customer Service is what keep people coming back. I would call or go in, and see what the problem is...If something was out of stock they should have contacted you first before substituting a different accessory. I can't wait to see the big Ks buck ya bring home!!!!
Brad, After doing some research....my chances aren't looking very good.
Well that stinks...what's the deal??? You mean with the bow shop, or Ks tag...??
KS tag. I just got off the phone with the bow place....I'm getting a half dozen arrows for free for my troubles.
I see...I think I've asked ya this, do they do a pref. point if you don't draw? Or, like Tim mentioned, can you get a tag from the landowner? I know some of the LO tags go for top dollar...ridiculous! And hey, can't beat free arrows to cheer ya up this mornin!!!!
The whole KS thing is getting ridiculous. Yeah, I can go through a landowner but even thats not a sure thing. They have a preferance point system as well. After doing some research for the unit I want, no one got drawn that didn't have a pref point.
Iowa is no different....I am setting on 2 pref. points....gotta play the game I guess...all the landowners where we hunt, want us to kill as many as we can....which is only one for me....lol. They can't believe we can't have a free doe tag with the anydeer tag, for that kind of money!!! I told em to call thier legislature, they set the prices and rules up there. Put in for it, ya never know, and if nothin else, you'll get drawn eventually. Looks from your pics, it'll be worth the wait.
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