How to fend off a bear attack.

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    FYI, just in case you are in the backwoods on a fly fishing trip, and a Grizzer bear decides he not only wants the trouts in your creel basket, but he also wants to eat you as well. :wave1: bearmageddon.jpg
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    Lol. Reminds me of this:

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    Where's the pepper bear turd with whistles in it joke when I need it. :rofl:
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    Jun 9, 2014
    I hunt in black bear country all the time. Most important safety tip I can give you guys is this: you don’t have to out run the bear, you just have to out run at least one member of your group, so make sure you have a fatty, someone with a bum leg or a child in your group.

    Same tip probably applies to grizzlies as well