How soon can I spray?

Discussion in 'Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation' started by 90acres, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. 90acres

    90acres The good ole days

    Mar 4, 2003
    How soon can I spray for broadleaf weeds?
  2. riverbottomhunter

    riverbottomhunter Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2005
    Chariton Co.
    When are you planning to plant your food plot?
    If you aren't going to plant untill late this summer you can go ahead and spray now, but you might need to spray again before you plant.

  3. Arrow-1

    Arrow-1 SuperSenior Member

    Don't waste your time and money by spraying now.

    Gotta wait until there are leaves to be sprayed. Broadleaf spray formulas work by killing the weed from the outside in. If you spray now, it will have very little effect.
  4. henry

    henry Fan Boy aka Mr Twisty and

    What he said,,,,,most broadleafs are later season plants and would really emerge on you after you have sprayed.

  5. Arrow-1

    Arrow-1 SuperSenior Member

    Late April to mid May is prime time.

    I forgot to mention, here is what I do for a living.:wave:

    We make lawns look like this........or at least we try!
  6. Arrow-1

    Arrow-1 SuperSenior Member

    little smaller this time
  7. FiremanBrad

    FiremanBrad New Member

    Good job, Arrow!!!!!!
  8. Arrow-1

    Arrow-1 SuperSenior Member

    Thanks Fireman!
  9. 90acres

    90acres The good ole days

    Mar 4, 2003
    I've got some young clover already established, just want to give it a chance to come thru. So don't spray broadleaf till May/June? How about grasses?
  10. henry

    henry Fan Boy aka Mr Twisty and

    If its a clover plot, I would'nt worry about spraying for broad leaf. You should be able to mow it this summer to control broadleaf. Most of your troublesome grasses will most likley be cool season, so you could spray for grasses in april after these grasses have all come out of dormancy.

  11. Arrow-1

    Arrow-1 SuperSenior Member

    yeah, what he is funny, guys here are trying to get clover to be the dominate plant, while all my customers want it killed.

    The problem for both sides is that mother nature does not like to be told what to do. She has been created to prevent the dominance of any one species in an area.

    (just ask a farmer if it is easy to only have one specific type of plant grow in a certain area!):confused:
  12. JMAC

    JMAC Senior Member

    Aug 31, 2005
    Cole County
    Those sure are straight lines Arrow! Did that for a while. That sure is hard to do with a walk-behind!
  13. Kickers288

    Kickers288 Active Member

    hey arrow1 where was that first pic taken at. looks familar
  14. Mailman

    Mailman Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    Blue Springs Mo
    I think it is my back yard........hee hee hee!!:rotfl::rotfl:...........................NOT
  15. Booches

    Booches Member

    Jan 8, 2003
    Columbia, Missouri
    If I didn't know better I'd say it was my clover field.
  16. peach

    peach New Member

    Mar 8, 2006
    Anytime you want some practice doing landscaping like that I would be more than happy to let you do mine. Those yards were beautiful. :)