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seriously, a little less loose TripleSe7en ... 2 x 50 grain pellets should yield about the same result as 90 or so grains (volumetric) loose of T7 FFg.

If I were going to try to duplicate velocity of two pellet loads, that's where I would start for T7.

Hodgdon data shows
250 gr. Hdy. SST 50/45 Two T7 or Pyrodex 50 cal. / 50 gr. 1785fps
250 gr. Hdy. SST 50/45 90 grains by volume Triple7 FFg 1760fps

Pyrodex data actually shows a different result.

250 gr. Hdy. SST 50/45 100 grains Pyrodex RS/Select only yields 1706fps so you would actually need to adjust volumetric upwards a little with that powder.

Like most things in muzzleloading - no definite single answer applies in all circumstances.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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