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HOw can you....

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not wanna take this home!
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ahh, reminds me of the days when jake was this small

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yeah chew the couch chew the dry wall eat the bathroom & the bed, BUt it is all worth it watching that first retrive!

Good lookin pups everyone!!
Wish I could get a puppy or a dog, but no one in the house has time to walk them, we're always workin. :boohoo:
Just got a new couch over the weekend. That's how I wouldn't take one home. Oh yeah, got an older one in the back yard that thinks the siding on the house is a chew toy. There's reason number two.
new nick names, roto-tiller and Houdini,

Mia and TD

the lunar lanscape in the backyard and razor electrified wire is worth every bit of effort
We had to have the wife's little poodle put down last year, with me working nights now she has informed me we WILL be getting a replacement this summer. She is looking over the dog books now.
Happy Dog!

Marlee...a dog's life.:cheers:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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